IISE of the square: the situation in the Middle East to confusion

NY exchange: dollar-buying of emergency in the Middle East situation worse

IISE of the square: the situation in the Middle East to confusion 0 US dollars yen in New York foreign exchange market of the day, month and year to close at $ 0.00 Qian up from $ 0.00 Qian to $ 0.00 Qian. In addition to receiving that Saudi oil facilities were attacked geopolitical risk in the Middle East has increased, in addition to dollar-buying of emergency, which was wary of such as the possibility of Iran military action by the United States has become dominant, medium vice-ministerial rice When the consultation is clear that, to be held this week, it is also expected to US-China trade talks progress became a dollar-buying material. EURUSD was closed at .00 dollar has fallen from .0 up to $ .0 dollars. Euro selling due to the interest rate will weaken in the region has become dominant. Euro circle, fell from $ 0.00 sen to circle Qian. Yen buying of risk aversion on concerns that the weak economic indicators of China is affecting the world economy leads to high oil prices became dominant. Pondodoru is, fell from. Up to $. Dollars. Union without British agreement European (EU) pounds selling was concerned about the withdrawal has been rekindled. Dorusuisu was increased to 0.0 francs from 0.0 francs.